Terminal Controllers

The Paradigm Interface Module (PIM) terminal controller is designed and manufactured by Paradigm and provides a common terminal interface for a range of fixed and quick deploy terminals on the Inmarsat Global Xpress® network.  It provides the modem, baseband switching, assisted pointing and setup functions needed for a number of different terminals.

The PIM includes One Touch Calibration which makes the setup simple for users regardless of the antenna and RF combination.  It is available in three models, the desktop Indoor PIM, the Rack Mount PIM and the ruggedised Outdoor PIM which comes with a built-in visual crosshair and audio pointing device.  All models are terminal agnostic and work with other compliant antennas, BUC/LNBs and XCVRs.

The Outdoor PIM’s very simple and accurate pointing mechanism can also remove the necessity for bulky auto-acquire motors and electronics to give a much lighter terminal solution.