Making Satcom Simple

Cost effective satellite terminals

Our PIM-based CONNECT range of satellite terminals provides cost-effective VSAT solutions for high throughput requirements. Available in both transportable and fixed options, the CONNECT range of terminals is ideal for demanding environments.


The CONNECT100T provides portability and straightforward setup for short term use in demanding environments. This quick deploy Ka-Band terminal assembles easily and is simple to point using the Outdoor PIM®, providing value for money whilst remaining robust and easy to use.

– For use in demanding and harsh environments – High accuracy antenna – Complete system with fully integrated modem – Simple pointing with the ruggedised Outdoor PIM – Straightforward and fast setup with Paradigm Tri-Mount

Outdoor CONNECT100T - Cost effecive satellite terminals

Easy to use CONNECT100T - Cost effecive satellite terminals

Transportable CONNECT100T - Cost effecive satellite terminals

– Cost effective solution, typically half the cost of similar terminals – Supplied in three transit cases for ease of transportation – Compliant on all major satellite networks – Operational on high throughput satellites – Ideally suited for first responders, NGOs, media and government markets

Rugged Cases CONNECT100T - Cost effecive satellite terminals

Desert Rally CONNECT100T - Cost effecive satellite terminals

Snow and Ice CONNECT100T - Cost effecive satellite terminals


Our CONNECT70, CONNECT100 and CONNECT180 fixed Ka-Band terminals provide small, medium and large fixed terminals, designed to provide the best possible performance on all major satellite networks. Our CONNECT fixed range of cost effective satellite terminals has been designed for long term use in demanding environments, being supplied with either kingpost, non-penetrating roof mounts or our own ISO Container Corner Mount, and all operating with the Indoor PIM.

Value for money CONNECT70

Ideal cost balance CONNECT100

Maximum bandwidth CONNECT180

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