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Making Satcom Simple

Transmitting scientific data from the edge of the world

Case Study “The simple act of keeping in touch with the world, colleagues, friends, family, is far more difficult than people think. Doing things in the Antarctic environment requires more thought and preparation than you would normally give, so simplifying the way we do things helps a lot.”     HORNET Military

Communicating from the top of the world

Case Study “The near-instant connectivity meant that Command & Control requirements were more straightforward, with all teams able to maintain regular contact with the expedition leader and embassy staff… Using the SWARM was like having the equivalent of a home Wi-Fi system, whilst living at 5200m.”     SWARM Military

Office Backhaul in Crisis Regions

Case Study “The rapid integration of the CONNECT100T into the UN office ready-kits quickly changed global operations. Units stationed at key locations around the world, ready for immediate deployment to crises, reduced the all-important response time, quickly providing the crucial backhaul data connection for on-the-ground administration and communication networks…”       CONNECT100T Non-Government Organisations