Paradigm Interface Module (PIM)

Making Satcom Simple

Making Satcom Simple

The days of needing specialists to set up and operate satellite terminals are over. Paradigm has created the ideal man-machine interface for fixed and portable satellite terminals. Quick deploy just got quicker. You don’t need to sacrifice performance or functionality for Manpack capability.

Paradigm introduces the PIM (Paradigm Interface Module), the Swiss Army Knife of satellite terminal operation, designed to simplify operation, reduce operating costs and provide a central unit for the integration and operation of satellite terminal hardware.

The best hardware, function and design combined together

Providing a simple terminal pointing interface with power filtering, integrated modem, ruggedised operation and much, much more in an environmentally rated fully field tested and approved unit that’s tough enough to survive the harshest of environments.

The PIM is at the heart of all Paradigm satellite terminals; a common, simple to use interface found in all our terminal types, whether it’s a transportable quick deploy, and modern backpackable flat panel system, the latest modular multiband portable terminal, or our motor-free self-pointing terminal.

The PIM supports all major modem types, and can be added to existing satellite terminals, providing a common interface across terminal types, reducing training and operation costs, in a tough, reliable unit.

The PIM at a glance…


The PIM top control panel is indicative of its simplicity. Three user buttons, six status LEDs and a targeting cross-hair of LEDs to simplify operation and pointing.


The PIM makes it easy for users to connect their devices, for both data access and monitor & control. Quick and simple plug and play connectivity for handsets, tablets, laptops and computers.


The PIM contains an on-board web interface for more detailed monitor and control, allowing users and operators more terminal operation and configuration options.


The PIM is environmentally rugged, rated at IP65, and has been used in many operations all around the world, from pole to pole, in deserts, even at the top of mountains without any loss in performance.


The PIM contains an integrated modem, ensuring that all required hardware and equipment is environmentally ruggedised. All major modems are supported, operating on all major satellite networks.


Access live status information and provide configuration interfaces for ACUs, BUCs, LNBs and more. The terminal agnostic PIM expands simple connectivity to terminal components as well.

We’re making satcom simple with PIM Powered satellite terminals

Terminal Agnostic

The PIM is designed to operate with any quick deploy satellite terminal, supporting small, 40cm backpack terminals to 2.4m terminals, in all frequency bands, on all major satellite networks.