The versatile MANTA® is a single case, self-pointing satellite terminal.   A Ku-Band, high throughput complete solution designed for both static and mobile satellite communications.  It is portable, discreet and operational in minutes.  No pointing is required and there are no moving parts…just add power.

SWARM ultra-portable satellite terminal with Mil-Pack SWARM lightweight satellite terminal, single IATA case and backpack SWARM satellite terminals ruggedised for rapid deployment

Combining the latest flat panel self-pointing technology with the PIM® (Paradigm Interface Module), the MANTA fully integrates RF and all of the major modem types.  The system utilises software to form beams and track the satellite providing rapid connectivity with no moving parts. The handheld remote offers additional live beam heading indication, satellite selection, transmit mute and system status information.

Take a look at the MANTA video for a closer look at its versatility and straightforward operation.

Take a look at the MANTA video for a closer look at its versatility and straightforward operation.

The MANTA operates quickly and accurately without the need for tools in a tactical, static environment but can also be attached to a vehicle’s roof bars in minutes for satcoms-on-the-go mobile operation.  It is lightweight for easy transportation and vehicle mounting with a low profile and streamlined design.  Additionally, it is robust and weatherproof for operation in extreme and demanding environments.

SWARM IATA carry on backpack option SWARM satellite terminals with IATA packaging options SWARM ka-band satellite terminal

Utilising an enhanced feature set, the MANTA+ improves the standard MANTA package by integrating 3G/4G/LTE cellular, radio and Wi-Fi connectivity with the MANTA satellite terminal and utilises a bearer management router to produce a terminal that seamlessly switches between terrestrial and satellite networks to best suit the needs of the user.

With its fast and versatile operation the MANTA is ideally suited to provide mobile communication services for the military, NGO, and emergency responder sectors.

MANTA and PIM are trade marks of Paradigm Communication Systems Ltd