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Making Satcom Simple

White Papers

Our PIM white papers show how we’re Making Satcom Simple. Paradigm’s unrivalled response time and flexibility has satisfied the most demanding of non-government agencies, media broadcasters, military and government clients, intelligence agencies and elite units for over 25 years. Exceptional levels of power, reliability and adaptability make Paradigm the natural satcom partner for those operating in critical conditions. Our SWARM®, HORNET, MANTA® and CONNECT terminal ranges are designed to help our customers get the most out of their satellite terminals.

Paradigm Interface Module - PIM, making satcom simple CONNECT100T - We're Making Satcom Simple Paradigm SWARM - We're Making Satcom Simple

With a distinct focus on deployed satellite communications, we have an extensive project portfolio. Our PIM-based satellite terminals are designed to cater for the ever increasing demand for higher bandwidth over satellite, providing agile solutions for operation in some of the worlds most demanding situations and environments. Download our white papers and read more about how our PIM is Making Satcom Simple

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Find out more about Paradigm’s range of easy to use satellite terminals and how they’re designed to enable users to simplify their satellite terminal operations in some of the harshest environments.