Land Terminals

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Land Terminals

Paradigm’s range of Global Xpress® portable and fixed land terminals combine both optimal performance and functionality. All terminals provide access to the most advanced IP satellite services and the best possible performance on the Global Xpress network.

Paradigm Global Xpress Land Terminals

The land terminals listed below are all currently available and are all certified as Type Approved by Inmarsat. The SWARM® is ultra-portable, with fast and straightforward setup and impressively high data rates. It is the only GX Land Terminal that can be carried as airline hand luggage. The CONNECT100 and CONNECT100T both meet the Global Xpress sweet spot for price and performance and the CONNECT100T is the best value GX flyaway terminal available.

Ka-Band Manpack Ka-Band Quick Deploy Ka-Band Fixed
CONNECT100T (98cm) CONNECT70 (69cm)
  HORNET99 (99cm) CONNECT100 (98cm)
  HORNET65 (65cm) CONNECT180 (180cm)

Land Terminals Certification and Packaging Options