Satcom Terminals

Making SatCom Simple

Satcom Terminals

We deliver complete systems tailored to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. With C, X, Ku and Ka-Band offerings from 45cm up to 3.8m we have an extensive terminal portfolio.

This includes:

  • High Throughput VSATs (with integrated baseband)
  • Quick Deploy, FlyAway / FlyDrive and DriveAway Terminals
  • ManPack Terminals
  • Transportable Terminals
  • Maritime Terminals

We are able to deliver custom satcom terminals supporting specific RF options including modular feed assemblies and feed cartridges. With a variety of alignment tools and control systems, as well as extensive documentation and manuals we can offer complete tailored satcom terminal systems.

SWARM and PIM are trade marks of Paradigm Communication Systems Ltd.