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Meet the PIM, making satcom simple

The Paradigm Interface Module makes satellite terminals simple to use, with integrated modem, simple-to-use on-board pointing tool and more.

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Modern Day Marine (22-24 Sep 2020), MCB Quantico, Virginia, USA

TechNet Fort Bragg (29-30 Sep 2020), Fort Bragg, North Carolina

CABSAT (26-28 Oct 2020), Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

Just Add Power…

Our new Comms-On-The-Pause and Comms-On-The-Move Satcom Terminal, complete with software beam-forming.

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MANTA terminal now qualified on Intelsat FlexGround

The versatile, high speed comms-on-the-move and comms-on-the-pause MANTA terminal is now approved and fully qualified on the high-throughput Intelsat FlexGround network.  On FlexGround, the MANTA will now be able to…