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Everyone who works with Paradigm products enjoys the world’s most advanced agile comms capability. But it’s the simple user experience that gives you confidence.

a row of satellite dishes soldier using a hand-held radio whilst using a laptop


Achieve decision dominance. When speed and agility impact mission success, rely on truly rapid, rugged secure comms to optimise critical decision-making.

  • Land
  • Air
  • Sea
  • Special Ops
  • Field Medical
helicopter flying over a mountain satellite comms device on a tripod


Responsible for national security, safety and stability? Gather and distribute critical intelligence with discretion and exceptional speed.

  • Intelligence
  • Head of State
  • Federal/Borders
  • Emergency Responsive
  • Diplomatic
  • Police/Fire/Medical Services
a row of satellite dishes helicopter flying over a mountain


Save lives? Whether coordinating logistics, welfare or a critical link, ensure you can communicate when disaster strikes, despite limited infrastructure or resource.

person taking photo of a forest from an overlook satellite comms device on a tripod


Need real-time dependable data transfer that’s quick and easy to operate? Paradigm allows you to communicate from the heart of the action, wherever you are in the world.

  • Media/Broadcast
  • Energy/Exploration
  • Communications Networks

We can carry the terminal to site, and get it up and running in minutes. It’s easy to assemble and get on the satellite quickly, which means our comms network is up quickly…

The world’s most advanced satcom, made simple

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