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The world’s most advanced satcom, made simple.

The easy-to-use satcom controller, the PIM®, and our best-in-class terminal range.

Interface Modules

The intelligent controller

Pim950 2x

The world’s easiest-to-use satcom controller now with advanced capabilities for elite operatives. Everything you need for agile secure comms, managed through a rugged, touchscreen interface. Next-generation technology provides seamless in-field network switching and versatility like you’ve never seen before.

  • Fast, simple operation
  • Fully ruggedised
  • Secure by design

Paradigm terminals

Designed to meet your needs.
All powered by the PIM.

Hornet 2x

The HORNET is a high-speed multiband terminal, compact, mobile and easy-to-use through the integrated PIM. Combining optimal performance and functionality, the HORNET operates with field-changeable reflectors and RF options, providing access to the most advanced IP satellite services on high-speed networks.

  • Max. RF efficiency
  • Field-changeable modules
  • Rapid tool-free setup
Swarm 2x

The SWARM is an ultra-portable, multiband flat-panel terminal that combines agile operation with rugged performance. Easy-to-use through the integrated PIM, the SWARM presents impressive SWaP, high throughput and speed, with field-changeable versatility.

  • Rapid tool-free setup
  • Backpack carriable
  • Exceptional SWaP
Connect 2x

The CONNECT100T is easy to deploy and very cost-effective. It provides simple setup and satellite acquisition through the PIM. Fully portable and highly resilient, it’s ideal for semi-permanent deployment in inhospitable environments.

  • High throughput and accuracy
  • Half price of similar terminals
  • Easy tri-mount setup
decorative square connect satellite dish

Made simple

Looking for more than world-leading technology? Our deep sector expertise, global distribution and impeccable record of reliability, are just some of the reasons we’ve been trusted to meet your needs for more than 25 years.

The world’s most advanced satcom, made simple

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