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Satellite Terminal Solutions Provider

Paradigm is a satellite terminal solutions provider, and has been making satcom simple since 1996. We work closely with our customers so that we completely understand the challenges and complexities they can face when using satcom in the field. This knowledge is then used to improve, advance and sometimes completely redesign the technology, utilising our high levels of engineering excellence to produce state-of-the-art solutions which really make a difference. As a privately-owned, global enterprise, we are able to respond quickly to our customers’ specific needs and feedback, providing clear sighted solutions that are reliable, optimal and innovative.

Making Satcom Simple

State of the art satcom solutions from Paradigm - satellite terminal solutions provider
Paradigm House is the home of PIM development - satellite terminal solutions provider

A key outcome of this has been the design and manufacture of the PIM (Paradigm Interface Module). The PIM removes the need for a skilled satcom engineer to point a terminal; by using easy to follow onboard visual and optional audio cues, non-skilled users can point a PIM powered terminal in seconds. No additional equipment, such as a spectrum analyser, is required. The PIM can also provide an extremely simplified interface for management and control of auto-acquire terminals, or simplify pointing to the extent of removing the need for heavy and expensive motors completely. The PIM is now integrated into all of Paradigm’s terminals, as well as selected third party terminals; it’s certified for use on all major satellite networks utilising a combination of RF, antennas and modems. The PIM offers a fast route to market for terminal manufacturers, with the network testing and certification largely already taken care of.

By making the PIM a common terminal controller for satellite terminals and solutions, Paradigm is also driving down training costs. A user can be trained to point a PIM powered terminal in less than half an hour. Paradigm’s terminals are also designed to make satcom simple. They focus on modularity and easy portability, with packaging options ranging from airline carry-on bags, courier friendly and IATA compliant cases or backpacks. They are rugged and will operate in extreme environments making them very reliable and durable. Once on site, they are fast and straightforward to setup and packdown without any additional tools.

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