Making Satcom Simple

Paradigm’s HORNET terminals are designed to be lightweight, portable and simple to use. They are ideal for situations where a tough and rugged solution is needed without compromising simplicity and throughput.

The HORNET flyaway terminal is a compact-sized mobile multiband solution supplied with the Outdoor PIM® (Paradigm Interface Module). Combining both optimal performance and functionality, the HORNET terminal is enabled to provide access to the most advanced IP satellite services on high speed networks over X, Ku or Ka-Band.

The modular HORNET multiband terminal is lightweight, rugged and quick to deploy and stow. The interchangeable design is simple and robust for fast operation in demanding environments. The segmented carbon-fibre antenna provides maximum efficiency and optimum radiation characteristics for improved data throughput and availability. It deploys quickly and accurately without the need for tools.

– Quick and Simple Pointing with the PIM technology
– Modem Agnostic, All high performance modems supported
– Single Case / Backpack (IATA compliant)
– Tool-Free SetupLow Power Consumption
– Small, lightweight High Throughput Terminal
– Interchangeable Module Design
– Field Changeable Modules
  – Antenna (60/80/100 cm)
  – RF (5 to 80W)
  – Mil/Commercial & Extended Bands (Ka, Ku, X)
– Low Power Consumption

– For fast operation in demanding environments
– Compact and rugged
– Carbon fibre, segmented antennas
– Operational on all major satellite networks
– Ideally suited for first responders, NGOs, media and government markets