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Paradigm's SWARM950 qualified on Intelsat

Paradigm’s SWARM950 is now an Intelsat certified terminal, offering greater flexibility to operatives who need high performing, ultra-portable VSAT terminals with military-level security.

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The SATCOM Failsafe for Border Security

Read Warren Ackerley's article in MilsatMagazine on how satcom is providing critical fall-back connectivity to ensure border security operations maintain high-quality and high-throughput communication channels.

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Paradigm VSATs Accredited on Avanti Satellite Fleet

Paradigm’s portfolio of HORNET man-portable satellite terminals has been successfully accredited for use on Avanti Communications’ fleet of satellites. Avanti’s high-capacity connectivity paired with Paradigm’s rapidly deployable and rugged terminals provides an exceptionally capable communications package, well-suited to early-entry or first responder missions.  In the past, being first in to an area unserved by terrestrial connectivity meant making compromises with communications. With Avanti satellite connectivity over Paradigm’s HORNET terminals, first in users can now be fully connected in minutes.

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Role of VSATS in Disaster Response

Read Ulf Sandberg's article in Satellite Evolution magazine about the critical role of simple-to-use VSATS in disaster response and how our PIM-powered terminals are saving time, money and resources.

"The progressive reduction in the complexity and cost of communicating over satellite has made significant improvements to the speed of response and the overall success of global disaster response and recovery. VSATs which meet such criteria will consequently play a vital role in this sector."

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Paradigm's Year In Review

MilSatMagazine has published our 2020 Year in Review...a year which served to demonstrate how we are making satcom simple in even more ways.

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