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Paradigm's Year In Review

MilSatMagazine has published our 2020 Year in Review...a year which served to demonstrate that we are making satcom simple in even more ways.

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Satcom Technology & the Connected Soldier

Read Ulf Sandberg's overview on how satcom is supporting the dissemination of information from the connected soldier back to headquarters. 

"Data from body-worn POV (Point of View) video cameras and health capturing devices can now be reliably and securely transmitted and received in extreme environments to levels that have never been reached before, opening up a new world of field personnel protection.  When communicated via satellite, this data can be used anywhere in the world and by a much wider audience."

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SWARM950 Type Approved for use on Inmarsat with iDirect 950mp

Faster, Higher, Stronger.  Our SWARM950 provides complete network flexibility, intelligent operation and military grade security, giving the user the highest possible throughput in any location over both commercial and military frequencies.

As Jon Godfrey, Paradigm’s General Manager stated: “our SWARM terminal has always outperformed other hand carry satcom terminals, now with the highly capable 950mp modem and type approval on GX it will be impossible to beat for high throughput and flexibility in every location around the world”.

James Marley, Sales Director, Land Sector, Inmarsat Global Government added: “the 950mp modem alongside a Mil-Ka capable, higher power BUC creates a highly flexible hand carry system which enables end users to use G2X Land services over Global Xpress anywhere in the world, whilst also accessing their own national MILSATCOM systems on the same device. With options to switch to other bands on the same easy to use system, this is an extremely versatile, low SWAP government user terminal

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Paradigm SWARM ultraportable satellite terminal composite images

SWARMGX VSAT now available in Japan via JSAT MOBILE

More global coverage...our ultra portable and versatile SWARM is now available in Japan through JSAT MOBILE on Inmarsat Global Xpress.  Contact our sales team to find out more

In a comment from Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director at Paradigm stated: “the SWARM is a world-leading rugged, carry-on terminal and it’s fantastic that it will now be bringing high speed communications to users in Japan."

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Paradigm's HORNET100 available on Inmarsat GX as highly efficient Land Group 2 terminal

More operational agility...our compact and rugged HORNET100GX is available for operation on the Inmarsat Global Xpress network as a highly efficient Land Terminal Efficiency Group 2 terminal.  Contact our sales team for more information

As Ulf Sandberg, our Managing Director commented… “The availability of the HORNET as a Global Xpress Land Group 2 terminal is a fantastic opportunity to use our rugged, environmentally proven HORNET with high speed data, all over the world at a great price”

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