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MANTA terminal now qualified on Intelsat FlexGround

The versatile, high speed comms-on-the-move and comms-on-the-pause MANTA terminal is now approved and fully qualified on the high-throughput Intelsat FlexGround network. 

On FlexGround, the MANTA will now be able to provide even greater throughput than previously available, dynamically accessing bandwidth where it is most needed without the operator needing to manage multiple beams and satellite.

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Single Satcom Solutions for Multi-Operational Requirements

Increasingly, military forces around the world require constantly connected high data throughput communication capabilities when in the field.  High quality video streaming and data backhaul are necessary not only for situational awareness and information gathering but also for welfare comms and internet access for personnel.  It follows that the easier it is to use this equipment then the more effective and successful it will be.   

Paradigm’s guiding principle of simplifying satellite communications has enabled this type of technology to be much more accessible to the mobile soldier.  More specifically, Paradigm has made huge advances in simplifying the setup and pointing processes, and in modularising terminals for rapid deployment.

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Paradigm sucessfully showed and demonstrated our simple-to-use PIM-powered terminals at SATELLITE 2020 in Washington from 10-12 March.  We were kept busy until the unfortunate early curtailment of the show but happy to report that the team returned home safely.  Find out more on our HORNET, MANTA and SWARM terminals and keep in touch for the latest developments on how we are making satcom simple.

Paradigm's Year in Review published in SatMagazine

Paradigm has continued with their industry leading goal to make SATCOM simple and used their expertise in technology, manufacturing and integration to swiftly respond to market requirements.  Central to this progress has been the popular PIM® (Paradigm Interface Module) which allows an unskilled user to easily and rapidly point a VSAT by using onboard audio cues with a visual cross-hair LED target.

The PIM provides the modem, baseband switching, power management, assisted pointing and setup functions for VSATs. Temperature management and maintenance-free operation is achieved with fanless convection cooling or heating.

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Paradigm's Year in Review published in MilsatMagazine

All of Paradigm's terminals are PIM-enabled and present a range of solutions all linked by a common operation process which also minimises training requirements. The MANTA for instance, is Paradigm’s solution to satellite comms-on-the-move (COTM) and comms-on-the-pause (COTP).  In less than a year, it has transformed mobile satcom and become the most reliable, proven solution for COTM and COTP applications. Its rapid adoption is partly due to requiring to it requiring no specific satellite skillset from the user and, once fitted to a vehicle or used straight from its case you just need to add power to be transmitting and receiving in minutes. 

Global roll-outs of the MANTA have been achieved over 2019 with high levels of demand from Special Forces, aid agencies and governments.  In Q4, multiple US Army direct action units adopted the MANTA for deployed mobile operations.  Following trials and feedback from operational customer deployments over the year to date, demand is expected to increase even further.

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