Management, Monitoring & Control Systems

Paradigm MiNDER Network Management System

Paradigm’s Network Monitoring, Network Management and Control solutions support standard telecoms networks as well as satellite and military communications systems.

As well as providing industry-leading M&C systems, we also have our own Network Management platform, ‘MiNDER’, which can be tailored to suit your system requirements. We can offer simple hardware supply right through to a complete system delivery and everything in between.

From initial system analysis to design and installation, our unique and extensive offering is both robust and scalable. Paradigm’s MiNDER hierarchical NMS is extensively rolled out for commercial and military clients. Some examples of management systems we have deployed include:

  • Earth Stations
  • Deployable Terminals
  • SNG/OB and Satcom Enabled Vehicles
  • Maritime Applications
  • Oil & Gas Platform Comms Management
  • Mobile First Responder / Disaster Recovery Backup Networks
  • Remote VSAT Gateways.

We are also able to provide support services and maintenance on Paradigm software platforms.

Further information on Paradigm’s Network Monitoring, Management and Control systems is available from or by calling +44 (0) 1420 88199.