Non-Government Organisations

Making Satcom Simple

Our SWARM®, HORNET, MANTA® and CONNECT terminal ranges are designed to cater for the stringent cost and operational requirements expected by Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Emergency Response sectors.

These PIM® powered terminals allow a relief worker with minimal training to point an antenna and create a communications network in a couple of minutes. The ultra-portability of the SWARM makes it ideal for assessment requirements requiring a small team to be sent out very quickly after a disaster strikes. For co-ordination teams, which are typically not so sensitive to weight and such super quick deployment, a larger system can be used to provide even higher throughput, such as the HORNET or CONNECT100T.

NGO terminals are available with:
– Terminal colour options
– Packaging options
– Training packages
– Local network connection options

Click here to find out how the CONNECT100T is providing office backhaul in crisis regions.

MANTA, SWARM and PIM are a trade marks of Paradigm Communication Systems Ltd.