Making Satcom Simple

SWARM PIM based satellite terminal

Lightweight, rugged and ultra-portable, the SWARM® satellite terminal can be assembled in under 90 seconds and be operational, anywhere in the world, in 240 seconds. The whole system can be packed into one case which can be carried as airline hand luggage, giving impressively high data rates for its compact size.

It is operational on all major high-throughput Ka-Band satellites and can also be configured to operate at Ku and X-Band frequencies as well as Mil-Ka.

The SWARM ultra-portable rugged satellite terminal - simple to use

The SWARM ultra-portable rugged satellite terminal - rugged military backpack

The SWARM ultra-portable rugged satellite terminal - survives the harshest of environments

Pointing is straightforward and fast and the system provides superior satellite connectivity and low power consumption. Designed around the PIM® (Paradigm Interface Module) terminal controller, the integrated audio and visual pointing aids mean that acquiring the satellite is intuitive, quick and tool-free. View the SWARM video for a closer look at the ultra-portable rugged satellite terminal and for visuals on its quick setup and simple pointing.

With truly global coverage and easily replicated setup, it is ideally suited to provide mobile communication services for the military, broadcast, government and disaster recovery sectors. “The SWARM is a terminal that supports BGAN-style ease of use in an airline carry-on form factor. It aligns extremely well with government users’ demand for flexible and reliable global service,” Steve Gizinski, VP, Special Programs, U.S. Government Business Unit, Inmarsat, Inc.

The SWARM single backpack satcoms

The SWARM - airline carry-on satcoms

The SWARM satellite terminal

The SWARM ultra-portable rugged satellite terminal can be supplied with a tripod for locating on rough, uneven ground or for alternative transmission setups, such as covert deployment scenarios. Data rates of more than 25Mbps are achievable (service dependent) and it is packaged in a range of options including a hand carry case and backpack.

SWARM and PIM are trade marks of Paradigm Communication Systems Ltd